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Who to contact for Nonprofit and Fundraising Programs

School of Public Administration

Dr. Mary Ann Feldheim – mary.feldheim@ucf.edu – School Director

Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Programs:

Dr. Mary Ann Feldheim – mary.feldheim@ucf.edu – Program Coordinator

Ms. Nasrin Lakhani, MNM – nasrin@ucf.edu – Academic Coordinator/Advisor


What is three term registration & how does it work?

Registration appointments are loaded into your student center in March. On the registration date/time noted, you can register for summer, fall, and spring – all three semesters in the academic year!  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity – not only do you lock in your courses, but you also have a set academic schedule to plan your life around.

What is the difference between course substitution and course transfer?

 A course substitution is bringing a course taken from another UCF program into your current program; a course transfer is bringing a course taken at another institution into your current program.  Course substitutions and transfers must be completed no later than the semester BEFORE your graduating semester.   Courses that are substituted or transferred must directly relate to your current program and be approved by the appropriate program coordinator.  To start this process you must contact your Academic Coordinator.

When does one make the decsion to withdraw?

The official course withdrawal date will soon be here!  Having a rough time in class?  Not sure if you are going to pull a good grade?   Don’t know if you should withdraw or “tough it out?”  The first thing you should do is discuss your situation with your professor.

 Students in a master’s program must earn a grade of “B” or better in all core and capstone courses and maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.   Students in a graduate certificate must earn a “B-“ or better and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

 In most cases, it is better to officially withdraw (done through your student center) than to take a substandard grade (students receiving financial assistance should confirm any effect on their award).  An unacceptable grade may result in placement on probationary status and could ultimately lead to dismissal from the program. 

  Let’s say that you know that you will make an unsatisfactory grade in a core or a capstone course.  Consider these facts:

You stay in the class and earn less than the required grade:

  • There is no academic forgiveness at the graduate level
  • The grade will forever be on your transcript
  • The grade will be computed into your overall GPA
  • You will have to repeat the course

 You officially withdraw before the end of the withdraw period:

  • You will receive a “W” – no negative effect to your GPA
  • You will have to repeat the course


How come I didn’t get that important announcement?

UCF mandates that all official communication be sent via the Knights-mail system and any attempt to send info by Knights-mail constitutes a valid attempt!   Some of this information can impact your academic career and/or your graduation eligibility.  Do you want to take that chance?  I think not!  So please regularly monitoring your Knights-mail system! Tell your friends!

Why do I have a ‘HOLD’ for Program of Study?

It is mandatory for Master level students to have a program of study on file with the School of Public Administration by the end of your first semester.  You received a blank program of study form in the initial welcome package however copies can also be downloaded from the PA website at www.cohpa.ucf.edu/pubadm (click on Academic Programs and then Program of Study forms).   If you have not yet completed this critical process, please download the program of study form for your particular program, complete the information at the top of each page and complete the Term/Year column with your best faith estimate of when you will complete each course.  Now sign (electronic signature is fine) and date the last page and return to your Academic Coordinator (listed below).  On receipt, your Academic Coordinator will review the form.  If modifications are needed, you will receive an email notice.  If no modifications are needed, your Academic Coordinator will notify the UCF College of Graduate Studies that the form is on file with the School of Public Administration.


How long do I have to complete my MNM and is it different for Graduate Certificates?

Students have seven years from your initial term of admission to complete your program.   But did you know that if you are completing a certificate program, the time limit for that program is only three years?  Those of you who are in a certificate program along with a master’s program must plan carefully to complete the certificate courses in the allotted time frame.  And remember, to earn a certificate, you must apply and be accepted to the certificate program, complete the courses, and file an Intent to Graduate in the semester that you take the last course to complete the certificate program.

Can I do an Eduction Leadership course as my elective?

Any PAD graduate-level course is pre-approved as an elective in the MNM program.   However, with approval from the Program Coordinator, you may be able to complete up to six elective credit hours that are not PAD courses.   To submit a non-PAD course for approval, send an email to your Academic Advisor with:

  • Name,
  • PID,
  • Program, and
  • A brief explanation of how the course applies to your future goals within your discipline.